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Thank you so much for the prompt! I really enjoyed it. I like the simple nature of the Word doc; it helps keep the focus on, well, the words!

I'm so excited for the first Maker Monday!!!

OK, here's what I've got as of now:

the stars hold secrets, unknown to fauna or flora

declaring a brilliant blast of incandescent spectra

burning with fusion, two atoms pressed into one

yielding noble helium from flaming hydrogen

the stars maintain this delicate act

gravity pulling in, energy pushing back

a limited lifespan, til eventual explosion

from this destruction, all of creation

a compressed future, they spit out a script

even fish don't know they know it; are we any different?

does the script define us, or do we get a say?

it seems both are true, in some strange way

our sharpest tools fail to find

a true base layer of the kind

that would illuminate and explain

make the whole universe simple and plain

no, this clearly can't be done

being lost is much more fun

thank you, stars, for bridging the gap

from biggest bangs to apes drawing maps

we continue your dance of unknown knowing

swaying to the endless pulsing and glowing

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