Welcome to Within/Without

Within this container, you will find poetry and musings from Rachel Kann, on a multitude of topics, in multiple media formats—without pretense.

Within this container, you will find an invitation, via poems by some of the all-time greats, meant to inspire, and Prompt Journeys, meant to encourage—without obligation.

Within you, creativity—without fail.

Within you, much to be explored—without a doubt.

A community of kind creators within—without condescension.

The Prompt Journeys are for all of us, not just poets, not just writers, not just artsy types, not even just makers…a meditative experience of a Prompt Journey can be fruitful and a creative act in and of itself. Concrete “results” are in no way a necessary goal.

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Poet/Facilitator. Fulbright Scholar/Foreigner. Thinking/Feeling. Sephardic/Ashkenazi. Dreaming/Waking. Neurodivergent/Narcoleptic. Learning/Unlearning. Old/New. Secluded/Revealed. Introvert/Extrovert.